Solo & Ensemble, State, and Jazz…All in less than 40 days and 40 nights!

Feb. 21, 2018

I’m just glad we don’t have 40 days and nights of this stuff!  Here’s hoping everyone is staying dry in person and possessions this wet Wednesday night.  We have some great updates to talk about regarding solo and ensemble in a moment but first we have a couple important announcements.

1.        The GCS State String Recital scheduled for tomorrow night is cancelled, largely due to the travel restrictions and the cancellations of the regular school day.  The state recital is a good opportunity to get video recordings of these state bound groups.  Instead, we will be video recording as many ensemble performances on Saturday as possible.  We may be crowd sourcing some of these so if you’re coming and are able to get a good video recording of an ensemble, by all means send the recording our way!  Same with photos!

2.       State Solo and Ensemble will be happening regardless of the Elkhart River conditions.  As long as we are no longer under government travel restrictions, our state bound soloists and ensembles will be travelling by bus down to the State Solo & Ensemble Event in Indianapolis even if we were to cancel school on Friday as well.  Those 80 students involved will leave GHS at 6:30am.  Please arrive no later than 6:15am for check in…earlier if we cancel Friday because it will be a logistical and travel form headache.  We will return by 8pm.  See the attached PDF for the information that would have gone home with parents at the state recital.  We seem to be having more trouble than usual with students communicating the policy for ensemble participants this year, so I’ll make sure it’s in this communication here.  Students participating in an ensemble are expected to either travel with the bus on Saturday OR travel to indy Friday night.  Travelling to Indy can create a situation where unexpected delays or car problems could prevent an entire group from participating.  This is why we have this long standing policy.  Thank you for your understanding.

3.       ISSMA Jazz Hosted on March 2nd and 3rd:  GMS Orchestras will host the ISSMA Jazz Festival on Friday March 2nd (4pm-10pm) and Saturday March 3rd (8am-noon).  We have our student volunteers in place for this night but we could very much still use parent volunteers for both the Friday and Saturday shifts.  Please consider taking a shift.  Send me an email if you would be available to tell busses where to go when they arrive, supervise a homeroom space, monitor the doors during group performances, etc.  GHS Jazz Strings performs at 7:50pm on Friday.  GMS Jazz performs at 9:40am on Saturday.  These performances are free and open to the public.

On Saturday January 27th over 250 Goshen Orchestra students performed in 152 performances including solos, small ensembles, and large ensembles at the annual Solo & Ensemble event at Elkhart Central High School.  Judges, guests, and parents were impressed with the quality and professionalism of our students.  We love the gold and silver ratings but more important are the great performances and experiences gained by the students.  This was even more pronounced this year as ISSMA made a clerical error and the site ran out of ensemble gold medals at 10am this year!  All students should now have received their earned medals.  Two quick facts to note is the steady and significant improvement in high school scores over the past five years and another bumper crop of state qualifying solos and ensembles this year totaling at 24 soloists and a record 22 ensembles.  Way to go Goshen!  I always like to take a moment to highlight the state qualifying 8th grade students as it is rare for middle school students to participate in this high level so congratulations to soloists Emilee Edmonds (violin), Calista Swartzendruber (viola), and Denver Edwards (bass) as well as the a trio including Jeremiah Chico, Ryan Carrillo, and Gustavo Gonzalez.  Good luck at state this Saturday.

Here’s the list of remaining Spring Semester Events:

Saturday, February 24:  State Solo & Ensemble:  (Qualifying students 8-12)

Friday & Saturday, March 2/3:  ISSMA Jazz Festival:  (Red Wire & Red Thread Jazz Strings)

Friday & Saturday, March 16/17:  ISSMA JME Festival:  (6-8 Grade Orchestras) …Times coming this week?

Monday March 19th:  GHS Contest Preview Night:  (Symphonic, Philharmonic, & Crimson Orchestras)

Wednesday thru Sunday March 21-25:  Music Trip to Boston:  (Symphonic Full & Red Wire Orchestras)

Friday or Saturday April 20/21:  ISSMA Organizational Festival:  (Philharmonic & Crimson Orchestra)

Friday or Saturday April 27/28:  ISSMA State Qualification:  (Symphonic Full Orchestra)

Friday, May 4:  GMS Spring Festival:  (5-8 Orchestras)

Saturday May 5:  ISSMA State Finals:  (Symphonic Full Orchestra)

Sunday May 6:  GHS Spring Awards & Concert:  (9-12 Orchestras)

Saturday May 12:  Music in the Parks:  (7/8 Grade Orchestras)

Wednesday May 16:  Indianapolis Trip:  (5/6 Grade Orchestras)