Fundraising & Giving

The Goshen Orchestras do not charge a participation fee to be a member of the ensembles.  This is not to say that there are no costs associated with running a program of this magnitude.  Through a great booster organization, ticket sales at concerts, generous donors, and dedicated student participation in fundraising events, we are able to help keep instruments in playing condition, pay for bussing, contest and festival entries, help pay for field trips, and provide trip and lesson scholarships for students with special financial need. 

Help support the orchestras through your regular shopping.  Go to instead of and amazon will give to a charitable organization.  The first time you enter the site will ask you to select a charitable organization.  Search for “Goshen Orchestra Boosters” to help support the orchestras in your online purchases.

In the future we hope to provide an outlet for digital donations on this page of the website in the near future.

Here are some of the fundraisers that help support the Goshen Orchestras and in some cases high school students can raise funds for their student accounts and middle school students can earn money towards field trips.

Fundraisers:  (these are typical fundraisers in a given year.  As an organization, we may chose not to participate in a given fundraiser from year to year)

Butterbraid Sale (August):  This is an annual Goshen High School Music Department fundraiser in which students can earn money towards their student accounts.  The community looks forward to this fundraiser to acquire fruit and chocolate frozen pastries that can be baked and turned into wonderful treats. 

Patron Drive (September):  This is a Goshen High School Music Council fundraiser which works with donors to the music department.  Donors are recognized on all Goshen Music Concert programs with notations for different levels of giving.  This is a way to partner with our community, local businesses, and donors like you!

Culver’s Night (September):  This is a Goshen Orchestra Boosters fundraiser in which we partner with Culver’s on US33 just south of Goshen.  One this evening a portion of Culver’s proceeds this night will be donated to the Goshen Orchestras.  Entertainment and/or Table service provided by the Goshen Orchestra directors and the Orchestra Boosters Officers this night.  Bring your appetite!

Citrus Sale (October):  The citrus sale is a Goshen Middle and High School Music Department Fundraiser.  Each year we partner with Kerscher’s Farm Market.  All high school students have the opportunity to earn money towards their student accounts.  Middle school orchestra students have the opportunity to earn money towards field trips in the spring.  We offer apples and citrus for sale.  Fruit is to be delivered to customers in the second week of December.  Just in time for the holidays.

Miles 4 Music (November):  Miles for Music is a Goshen High School Music Department fundraiser 5k/3k fun run.  This event typically takes place on a Saturday in early November.  Registration includes a pancake breakfast, if you are a fan of music and not a fun of running…you can come just for the pancake breakfast.

Goshen Faculty Recital (February:  This event typically takes place on the third or fourth Sunday in January at 2pm and is an opportunity for the Goshen Music Faculty to practice what we preach as you will see directors, staff, and private teachers performing solos and in small ensembles.  Ticket proceeds go towards students scholarships at the end of the year.

We are proud to offer Goshen students the opportunity to play in orchestra without a participation fee.  This is only possible through the continued generous support of this wonderful community.  Please help us continue offering the opportunity to future generations of students by participating in our fundraisers, and/or donating your time and funds to fundraising activities.