The Goshen Orchestra program has a long standing tradition of excellence.  In fact, that the program celebrated our centennial in the 2015-2016 school year.  Over the years the Goshen Orchestras have served thousands of students growing from just thirteen students in 1915 to nearly five hundred students in 2020.  Currently about 10 to 15 percent of the Goshen Community Schools student population grades 5-12 are enrolled in orchestra.

In Goshen, students generally begin their journey with orchestra in the summer program before their fifth grade year meeting twice a week before or after school throughout their fifth grade year.  In sixth, seventh, and eighth grade orchestra each meet daily as a class.  At the high school we have three orchestra classes.  Our Crimson Concert Orchestra is our freshmen orchestra.  The Philharmonic Orchestra is our ensemble for sophomores, juniors, and seniors that are not enrolled in Symphonic Orchestra.  Our Symphonic Orchestra is our top performing orchestra at the high school, and performs as a full orchestra in the second semester of the school year.  We also provide students with a number of extra-curricular ensembles such as our high school Camerata Chamber Orchestra, and our GMS & GHS String Jazz Ensembles.

The Goshen High School Symphonic Full Orchestra is a 16 time Indiana State School Music Association State Finalist including the past two years the event was held.  The Goshen Orchestras have received a number of other high honors over the years including over twenty first place middle school orchestra awards at the Music in the Parks festival, many High School high honors at Heritage Festivals across the country.  The orchestra even received national ranking and performed at the World’s fair in Chicago, IL in 1933.  We honor the traditions of the past as we continue in excellence for the future.